Guitar Lessons


Some of the topics I deal with in my guitar lessons are technique, theory, reading, composition, improvisation. Lessons are open to all musical styles and students with all levels of experience are welcome.

If you don't live in Udine you can still write me a message to plan an online lesson using Skype or Zoom. And we can speak English

Some examples of the topics that can be discussed in the lessons are:


  • Intervals on the guitar
  • Major/minor diatonic scale
  • Harmonic and melodic minor scales
  • Modal theory
  • Symmetrical scales (diminished, augmented, whole-tone, etc..)
  • Scale/arpeggio relationship
  • How to put all this in practice.


  • Developing a valuable study method
  • Study of the main techniques (legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, etc..)
  • How to use the technique in a creative and personal way, suited to the musical context
  • Study of different improvisational approaches depending on the musical style
  • Playing on chord changes
  • Rhythm guitar
  • Comping

In the meantime you can get an idea of how I develop my lessons looking at La Sfera Disarmonica.

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